Suffolk Festival of Learning October 21 - 2016

Driven by education leaders

A concept developed by Suffolk Headteachers and provosts, this is for Headteachers, business managers, senior and middle leaders, governors, teachers, support staff, commercial enterprise..… in fact, anyone with decisions to make in the education sphere. Not simply an education conference, the SFL is a celebration of learning in all its forms – creating new partnerships between business and education, and placing the world’s most cherished asset – education – at the heart of our mantra…’Professional Development Reborn’

our theme...motivation!

For too long, education in the region has fought against a tide of controversy and mixed support. Simply put, we're aiming to change how many people feel within the education world, providing a motivational, celebratory experience and a celebration of teacher and the business people who help to connect our young people with the world they face ahead.
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Driven by a tenacious group of headteachers and provosts from the area, the aim is to provide teachers, school and college leaders with influential and inspirational speakers, workshops, CPD activities and excellent networking opportunities. The content will be separated into zones such as business management, primary, secondary, governance, research and leadership. These 'zones' will offer focused sessions and tasters on topics such as curriculum, inspection, PE and sport, technology, creativity, the arts and more. We will also be piloting our bookable meeting rooms, event app and online meeting booking facility which will help you connect faster and more efficiently with the people you really need to network with, not just the ones you happen to bump into. Book now before you're too late or prices rise....

  • % Headteachers

    Let your pacesetters off the leash or motivate your staff - why shouldn't CPD be fun?

  • % Business Managers

    Find the best deals, cut costs, get bang up to date with education policy

  • % - Subject Leaders

    Leadership and management, great resources and ideas to motivate your department

  • % Senior Leaders

    Drive innovation, enjoy the network and find the best resources on a name for more

Here's just a snippet of our line-up - a taster you might say. Click on any of the names of the speakers to see our ever growing on!
Dr Robert Loe
Dr Robert Loe
Education Research Director, Relational Research Cambridge
Rob has years of experience at the chalk face as a teacher and senior leader, as well as the deep research-led innovation involved in the Relational Schools Project.
Sir David Carter
Sir David Carter
National Schools Commissioner
Sir David Carter has vowed to “challenge all schools to perform better” after being appointed as the next national schools commissioner. Any more introduction than that needed? Click on the name to find out more.
Baroness Sue Campbell
Baroness Sue Campbell
Chair of the Youth Sport Trust, Head of English Women’s Football
Sue Campbell is credited for leading the stunningly successful Sports College and School Sport Partnerships and leadership of UK Sport in the run up to the Olympics.
Ann Mroz
Ann Mroz
Editor, Times Educational Supplement
There are a precious few who have seen the world of education through the lens of a globally famous education newspaper. Editor of the world famous Times Educational Supplement, Ann Mroz brings depth, perspective and curiosity to our line up of speakers.
Roy Blatchford CBE
Roy Blatchford CBE
Director, National Education Trust, former schools inspector and Headteacher
Roy Blatchford, Director, National Education Trust, formerly one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools (HMI) and headteacher. He has inspected over 1000 schools around the world and, we’re honoured to have Roy as one of our speakers
Sir John Dunford
Sir John Dunford
Consultant and Chair of ‘Whole Education’ and the charity ‘Worldwide Volunteering’
Sir John brings more than 40 years experience to the table with a rich portfolio of achievements. John has questioned, challenged and advised at the very highest levels and aside from his plethora of awards to recognise his achievements, his international reputation is borne of understanding the practice as well as the theory. Welcome to Suffolk John!
Nick Levett
Nick Levett
Talent Identification Manager at The Football Association
Nick is a visionary in the sporting world. Not afraid of controversy and challenging the norm, he is redefining the way football looks at the talent and advocates the idea that winning is a bi-product of quality development.

Dare to be different?

Was it as Einstein or Ford who said "Do what you always do, get what you always got?". Well, whoever it was, they had a point...we're looking to change the way things are done - bringing in an element of festival fun, but with a firm eye on the prize - high-quality delivery of professional development opportunities for the education and business community. Festivals are as good as the people who attend, so please throw yourself into it and help us to make this First Festival the best it can be.
Cult food included

With a snack meal included in your ticket, you’ll be hassle free for the day. Cult Cafe and Bar’s Mike Keen is looking forward to welcoming you to a snapshot of unique ‘Cult style’, and, don’t worry, we’ve sampled the food already – it’s great, but just for you we’ll pop back a few times before the festival just to check ;) …great food, comfy sofas, eclectic influences, groovy music and smiley people – anything else required?

Schools showcase

A student band with an eye on the music industry? A tenacious computer coder who’s led fellow students to the next big discovery? Or, a successful football team who’ve used their sport to help improve maths and literacy… all great big ‘ticks in the box’ for this festival. Please do get in touch if you’d like to show your stuff!

The Bard is back!

According to the Shakespeare School Festival “..doing something as scary, as aspirational, as wonderful as playing Shakespeare has the power to change lives. And we know that confidence, teamwork, literacy and ambition are just a few of the lifelong benefits that our process gives.” We can’t help but agree, so please take a peak to see why we’re delighted to have them on board!

a song and dance of it

We’re always telling ourselves to make learning fun and enjoyable for young people, so why not do it for ourselves? You’ll see a difference between the Festival of Learning and a ‘normal conference’. We’re talking about the extra stuff – the buskers, the bar, the potted-Shakespeare and the dancers…and, most of all, the intent to enjoy the learning journey.

Dress Down Friday

Clearly, we expect everyone to look like this…just kidding – we’d expect you to put your shirt on I’m afraid. But, you get the idea…the Festival of Learning is a ‘no suit zone’…just rock up and relax, get fired up or focus hard…whatever you choose. The spotlight is on learning rather than keeping up appearances, so enjoy the moment and pick your outfit late.

Rock on!

Especially for the festival, IEM (Industry Education in Music) will be curating some of the most interesting and exciting musical acts in the local area, with a few extra ‘surprise acts’ built in. Beginning the night before and finishing late into Friday evening in multiple locations, this will be a real treat and make the Festival feel completely different from anything you’ll have seen before.

Anyone for extras?

We’re not quite sure our popcorn vendors will have strange hats and epaulettes, but we’ll do our best of course. Let us know what ‘extras’ you’d like to see at a Festival of Learning and we’ll do our best to embrace the vision…in the meantime, rest assured there will be a few ‘surprise extras’ on the day you wouldn’t normally see at a stuffy old conference.

Bookable team rooms

For proud owners of SFL tickets, we will be providing bookable team rooms. You may wish breakout to discuss some wacky new idea or to put together your next big whole-school strategy. Or, you may just wish to chat and rest your feet for a while. This option will be advertised nearer the time with Early Bird ticket-holders getting priority option on a first-come-first-served basis.

our passionate partners

These are the guys who are putting their full and considerable weight behind the cause. Their desire to help the community is matched by their passion for driving the best possible platform for education and business to work together and thrive.
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Our Proud supporters

Some fantastic companies who have reached out to help us on our way...special thanks goes to all.

500 of max capacity of 1300 tickets left!

Tickets will eventually rise to £70 or beyond as we have to cover costs, but we REALLY want as many people to come as possible - so - please take the opportunity to book as soon as possible. We have already sold more than two-thirds capacity.

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Thanks for dropping by and we hope you can join us - Suffolk festival of learning education services and professional development - redefining CPD for education and supporting businesses to link with schools and colleges.